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Help Celebrate Dyslexia turn a set of raw audio files into a final cut by editing, enhancing and compiling content into a deliverable optimized for email, the web or social media.
Celebrate Dyslexia
Helotes, TX, USA
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Celebrate Dyslexia
Helotes, TX, USA


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Posted January 23rd

Project details

What we need
  • An edited 1-3 minute audio file delivered in electronic format as agreed upon between the Professional and Organization, with HD quality as a master version, along with any agreed upon formats for final usage
Additional details

We have public interview and testimony that is available to cut and edit into soundbites we can use on social media.

What we have in place
  • We currently have TEA Capacity interview, which should make it easy for you to get started. We also have SBOE testimony, and the ability to provide any other information you need.
How this will help
This project will save us $3,002 , allowing us to provide professional development and parent academies for free

For a population that struggles to read, write, and spell, video is a lifeline to express thoughts and information.

Project plan

Prep: Information Sharing & Asset Exchange
  • Volunteer Manager provides overview of vision and goals for audio piece, as well as information about target audience
  • Volunteer Manager and Professional agree upon file format and length
  • Volunteer Manager collects collateral (e.g. audio files, music) to be edited into the final product, and digitizes all the materials in the format and resolution suggested by the professional. If applicable, the Organization provides links to 3-5 podcasts it would like the professional to use as a creative guideline for the final product
Milestone 1: Audio Outline & Script Finalization
  • Professional reviews assets that the Organization shared (including existing materials and proposed script) to create outline
  • Professional shares with Organization and incorporates feedback
Milestone 2: Audio File Creation and Feedback
  • Professional creates video in agreed upon format and shares with Organization for feedback (up to 2 rounds)
  • Professoinal delivers final product
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