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Apr 12th, 2022

Webinar Recap: Building Collective Trust With Grantees

Redistributing power to communities is critical.

Gohar Chichian
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What is trust-based philanthropy, and how does it impact grantmakers and their communities?

Candid and Catchafire teamed up last month to host Stepping Forward to Build Collective Trust with Your Grantees, a discussion around these questions and the state of philanthropy. Watch the recording for insights from Candid, The Dallas Foundation, Trust-Based Philanthropy Project, and Catchafire’s own Danny Alberttis, Regional Managing Director, and Guenevere Crum, Director of Community Engagement.

Highlights from the session include lessons learned about the power of a trust-based approach to creating healthier grantee-grantmaker relationships:

“Trust-based philanthropy is an approach to giving that addresses the inherent power imbalances that exist between funders, nonprofits, and the communities they serve. The core of this approach is about redistributing power in service of the healthier and more equitable nonprofit ecosystem.”

- Shaady Salehi, Director of the Trust-Based Philanthropy Project

“We at The Dallas Foundation are working really hard at being better and better every day at being out in the community doing purposeful outreach, to get to people who have not talked to us before, who don’t know that we are a place where they should think about applying for dollars. We’re trying to remove all of the friction points that come with trying to find money when you’re desperately trying to do good things for other people. We are working hard to simplify all of our grant applications.

We have tried really hard to evolve our grantmaking and our positioning in the community as a whole to be more open and outward as opposed to closed and insular."

-Drexell Owusu, Chief Impact Officer at The Dallas Foundation

“A thriving nonprofit is a nonprofit that’s trusted…That’s one thing at Catchafire we really try to focus on, is how do we empower our changemakers? How do we hold their hand to make them realize the value of being transparent to build trust?

It’s all about community building, it’s all about forming collaboration among funders, among community stakeholders in many ways, and about bringing people together.”

-Danny Alberttis, Regional Managing Director at Catchafire

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Catchafire is continuing the conversation on May 4th at 2 pm EST with Connecting on Equity: An Honest Conversation Between Two Leading Foundations. The event will feature a discussion with two foundations leading the way in addressing equity for Black, Indigenous, and people of color organizations in Detroit and Charlottesville.

Hear from Terry Whitfield from The Skillman Foundation and Aiyana Marcus from Charlottesville Area Community Foundation as they share their Foundation’s experience learning the needs of their grantees and delivering capacity building resources for different racial identity groups.

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