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Feb 22nd, 2022

Announcing Gift Memberships to Create Equitable Access for BIPOC-Led Nonprofits

Our membership offer to BIPOC-led organizations.

Gohar Chichian
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We see it everyday in our work: the public’s trust is in nonprofits who serve as the changemakers that actively work to improve their communities. We also hear from nonprofits about how overextended and under-resourced they are, particularly nonprofits that are small and in Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) communities. The majority of the nonprofit sector is made up of small organizations, with about 9 out of 10 nonprofits with an annual budget of under $500,000. Catchafire strives to be an equalizer: we want to level the playing field for small, BIPOC-led nonprofits by ensuring that they have the same access to resources and talent that will help them carry out their mission. We’re committed to providing equitable access to organizations and giving them the power to invest in the projects where they need support.

Over the last year, we began collecting demographic data on our nonprofit partners, our volunteers, and the communities we serve, illustrating the link between income status, race, and funding, and how Catchafire’s model disproportionately serves more BIPOC-led organizations.

Catchafire is gifting BIPOC-led and BIPOC-serving organizations, who have historically faced inequities in funding and access to resources, 12 months of free access to our platform. Through the Catchafire Foundation, we will work to elevate the work of BIPOC-led organizations in the United States. The application is open, and if accepted, we’ll update you within 2-3 weeks on the status of your application. Through this work, we aim to elevate the critical work of grassroots organizations and help them become stronger, more sustainable organizations ready to access transformational funding to fuel their impact.

What does access to Catchafire mean? Our gift membership provides access to a global network of highly skilled volunteer professionals prepared to provide support on a number of programmatic and operational projects. Some of the most common needs by nonprofits include marketing materials, technology training, finance, fundraising, and professional development, among others. A majority of nonprofits use Catchafire to help spread awareness of their mission through marketing channels, make up for lost fundraising, adapt in-person programming, conduct strategic planning for the year, and evaluate the organization’s effectiveness year to year. Our professional volunteers are experienced, committed, and passionate about the organizations that they contribute their time and talent to.

We’re pleased to offer gift memberships to BIPOC-led organizations on a rolling basis and to empower the BIPOC communities we partner with year-round. Sign up today or refer a friend or colleague to join the Catchafire community and expand your impact today.

*Catchafire is accepting applications on a rolling basis until slots are filled.

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