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Oct 15th, 2020

Digital Cancer Tool Made By Volunteers

A video on SURVIVEiT's volunteer experience.

Morgan McKeever
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Recently our team caught up with Joy Rusthoven, Executive Director at SURVIVEiT. Joy found herself spread thin and overwhelmed, so she turned to Catchafire to assemble a product team to make her vision a reality. Through the ongoing help of several skilled volunteers, SURVIVEiT launched the world's first ever digital cancer navigation tool (the Cancer COPiLOT). This new tool will equip patients and caregivers with the guidance, knowledge and support to advocate for themselves; replacing the guess-work with simple, actionable steps for their entire cancer journey.

Watch the rest to learn more about Joy's experience working with Catchafire volunteers and how it's helped her bring her vision to life. Learn more about SURVIVEiT on their website.

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