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Jun 1st, 2022

Celebrate Pride Month With Us

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Gohar Chichian
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Catchafire is powered by people. For Pride Month, we are highlighting the strength of the LGBTQ+ nonprofits we partner with and their impact. Our community is all inclusive - these are the voices and local leaders that power us.

This Pride Month, be proud of what you stand for and all that you have done for your community. Show your love and support to those in the LGBTQ+ community and volunteer. Whether it's your first time using Catchafire or your twentieth, every project supported creates an instant, tangible impact. Do something today that makes a difference and makes you proud.

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When you sign up to volunteer, you can filter your search to see open projects and partner organizations specifically supporting the LGBTQ+ community.

Here are ways that volunteers on Catchafire are already donating their time and talent to LGBTQ+ supporting nonprofits, and some ways that you can support this June and beyond.

El/La Para TransLatinas

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San Francisco, California
Funding Partner: San Francisco Office of Economic and Workforce Development

El_La Para TransLatinas copy.jpg

El/La Para TransLatinas aims to build a world where translatinas feel they deserve to protect, love and develop themselves. By building this base, the organization supports translatinas in protecting themselves against violence, abuse and illness.

Amanda H., a visual designer, created design elements for marketing materials, saving $3,000 that provided direct services and financial relief instead.

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Embrace Austin

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Austin, Texas

Embrace Austin copy 2.jpg

Embrace Austin is a coalition of LGBTQIA2+ individuals, organizations and businesses in Austin. They aim to build bridges between queer people and initiatives, boost Austin's queer economy, and set a new standard for cultural competency for LGBTQIA2+ Austin. Embrace Austin does this through hosting collaborative events, providing community-building opportunities, and leading with multiply-marginalized, intergenerational LGBTQIA2+ people.

Harrison H., a Certified Public Accountant specializing in nonprofit accounting, helped Embrace Austin set up an accounting system to support their budgeting and reporting needs. The project saved over $5,000, allowing Embrace Austin to raise more money to support their operations and marginalized artists.

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Great Lakes Bay Pride

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Midland, Michigan
Funding Partner: Great Lakes Bay Region

Great Lakes Bay Pride copy 2.jpg

Great Lakes Bay Pride provides inclusive sexual orientation and gender identity/expression (SOGIE) education, advocacy, networking, and resources to individuals and organizations in the Great Lakes Bay Region.

With over 30 years of experience in nonprofit leadership, Linda F. lent her expertise on a marketing call to brainstorm ideas around an annual sponsorship program.

“The Great Lakes Bay Pride is a joy to work with! Board Director Greg G., ED Scott, and Board President Beth are very organized and passionate about their organization. They know their constituents know what services and activities are needed. I assisted in giving feedback to a reimagining of Celebrating Pride at Home, especially the sponsorship program for the Pride Festival and Gala.”

Linda F.
Charitable Giving Consultant and Coach

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Pride Action Tank

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Chicago, Illinois
Funding Partner: Chicago Community Trust

Pride Action Tank copy.jpg

Pride Action Tank’s mission is to improve the health, safety and progress of individuals and groups within the LGBTQ+ community by inspiring, supporting and leading collaborative action that improves policy, service, access and community dynamics in the core areas of housing, health, safety, financial security, youth and aging.

Ann F. helped Pride Action Tank create clear and compelling bios and descriptions of their staff member's roles to share with partners and on the website.

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SunKissed Media

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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Funding Partner: The Philadelphia Foundation

SunKissed Media copy.jpg

The SunKissed Media platform was created to amplify the voices and experiences of BIPOC women, including but not limited to those who identify with the LGBTQIA+ and differently-abled communities. The platform will consist of short-form videos, short stories, photography exhibitions, and poetry created by BIPOC women working toward social justice, equity, and inclusion.

Reyna C. helped SunKissed Media on a logo design and visual brand identity project, saving the organization $4,817.

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There’s many ways to get involved with Catchafire:

  • Sign up to volunteer and support critical programming for nonprofits.
  • If you’re a grantmaker and would like to learn more about equipping nonprofits in your community with responsive, high-quality operational support, let’s connect. Email us here.

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